For Homes

Introducing the Smart Grid SmartBox with Fast Switch Technology.

A energy storage device is supplied free to residential customers and installed by a trained Smart Grid technicians, subject to terms and conditions.

We provide customers with a choice of energy storage device from a number of suppliers including a Tesla Powerwall, Nissan Xstorage or LG Chem. These are just a few example of the energy storage systems we can provide. We advice customers on the choice of energy storage device based on their needs, current technology already installed (For example Solar panels) and the current availability of different devices.

Energy storage devices stores cheap off-peak/nighttime electricity which can be used anytime night or day.

They can be integrated with photovoltaic solar panels to store solar energy for use at night, and also with wind-turbine installations. Subject to site survey.

These devices enables a medium sized home to be powered almost exclusively by off-peak electricity, with massive savings to be made by customers. irrespective of energy supplier or payment terms (Pay as you go, Monthly or Quarterly)

Customers become part of our ultra-high-speed intelligent demand response network.

There is no need to change your energy supplier.

To take full advantage of the savings your energy supplier may need to install a smart meter and move you onto a cheaper smart tariff. A typical example is the Green Energy UK TIDE tariff. This enables you to store energy at 4.99p per kWh and use the energy at peak time. We can arrange your new smart meter installation and connection to the energy provider of your choice at no cost to you.

More about Green Energy UK TIDE tariff: