For businesses

SmartBox will generate an extra income for your business.

Businesses with high-consumption equipment, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning, that can have energy usages reduced for a few minutes. Can generate a large income. Without impacting, disrupting or inconveniencing your business. Our system is controlled from our East Midlands control centre.

What does this mean for you financially?

Only the energy level of connected devices is reduced for a short periods of time, ensuring they remain well within their operating parameters.

A reduction lasts a few minutes and at any time can be overridden business. Keeping you in control.

SmartBox is a flexible service, with every installation managed by SGL’s technical team to reflect the unique circumstances of every business.

Subscribers receive a guaranteed, annual payment based on their energy capacity and its availability.

Our team will tailor the SmartBox settings for your business making sure it operates exactly as you expect and approve.

Full subscriber payments are made annually, or discounted payments can be taken monthly or quarterly.