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Smart Grid Limited owns and runs the Brookenby Power Station and administers Brookenby Park. The company was incorporated in 2017 (09061212)  to own and manage the integration of the new SmartGrid technology along with power generation from Brookenby Power Station and facilities management of Brookenby Park .

The power station was built in 2013 and was fully accredited in 2014 by OFGEM & CHPQA meets all the regulatory requirements for both importations of energy into the grid and resale across Brookenby Park.

Currently, the company generates renewable energy on demand with a capacity of 1.8MW per hour and has already invested in additional capacity coming on line in 2018 increasing capacity by 60% to 3MW.

The exciting next step is the development of SmartGrid technology across the domestic and industrial sector helping households, industry and the national grid minimise electricity usage and saving cost.

The SmartGrid team and systems-architects behind SmartGrids fast switch technology and SmartBox have been involved in electrical engineering and business for over 30 years.  Talking about the government’s “Upgrading our energy system: smart systems and flexibility plan” policy paper, he said:

“This is a massive step forward for the future of environmentally-responsible energy use in Britain.  I believe the SGL Powerwall+ and our ultra-high-speed switching technology in the SmartBox is the perfect response to the opportunities that lie ahead.

“It’s incredibly exciting for SGL to be at the cutting-edge of enhanced frequency response technology … empowering our subscribers in homes and businesses across England and Wales to join the smart energy revolution.”

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